Monday, November 16, 2015

Book Talk 11/16/15

Book Talk…11/16/15
Traci Krites

1.      Butterfly Dreams by A. Meridith Walters. Loveswept 2015. Netgalley. Romance. Corin has a problem. She’s a hypochondriac. Both of her parents died when she was young and she was their caretaker. She’s shut the outside world out. Thinking she has a heart problem, she goes to a support group where she meets another heart patient, Beckett Kingsley. Beckett can’t get Corin out of his mind. He wants to help her, but first she has to learn to help herself if she wants to discover a healing love. This is another tearjerker!! At first, I had a tough time liking Corin’s character for all her illnesses but as she opened up, her character came to mean a lot to me. I didn’t understand how an illness like this could affect a person, now I do. This is told with heartfelt warmth and love and the characters are absolutely charming to get to know. Enjoy!!

2.      Can’t Hold Back by Serena Bell. Loveswept Dec. 15, 2015. Netgalley. Romance. Alia works at a center for veterans who have been injured in the war. She has a former history with Jake, another veteran who once dated her sister even though he met Alia first. Because of her sister’s disabilities, Alia gets involved in the relationship, writing to Jake while he’s on mission and texting him. Private things. Things that she never meant to do but couldn’t quite help. When her sister breaks up with him, it leads to all sorts of complications as Alia had fallen in love with him. Years later, they meet again. This one is HOT!! As the two open up to each other, their relationship deepens and sparks fly. If you like your man in or out of a uniform, this one’s for you!!

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