Monday, October 19, 2015

Book Talk...10/19/15

Book Talk…10/12/15
Traci Krites

1.      Eve WM. Paul Young. Howard Books 2015. Netgalley. Christian. A capsule washes up on the shore with broken bodies inside. There is one survivor. Her name is Lilly and she’s a Witness. As she goes through learning about beginnings, she finds herself torn by unworthy thoughts. Can she learn to trust in Adonai and to discover who she truly is? This book is a delight!! It weaves the story of Lilly’s recovery and the story of the beginning of man’s time in the garden and his subsequent fall from grace. It will really touch your heart!!

2.      Love Somebody Like You by Susan Lyons. Zebra Kensington Books 2015. Netgalley. Contemporary Romance. Sally Ryland has survived a nightmare, abusive marriage to her deceased husband, Pete. She’s building a new life with a riding school but she still keeps herself isolated. That all changes when an old friend from her rodeo days appears on her doorstep. Ben Traynor is nursing an injury from bronco riding. He has always liked Sally and wanted to get to know her better. When he sees her working herself to the bone, he offers to help. Together, they begin to repair a fractured past. This book made me cry, laugh, and celebrate second chances. As a survivor of abuse, I found the heroine spot-on and someday I hope to find my own Ben Traynor. Just a beautiful, beautiful, heartwarming story. I’m told this is part of the Caribou Crossings series but a standalone. I can attest that you don’t need to read the others to follow this one but after reading this, you might just want to look for the others!! It’s that good!!

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